This software is a work of science fiction; hinting towards a potential future and enabling a community to imagine the possibilities.

The RGBD Toolkit is an experiment in a possible future of film making, where photographic data captured in 3-dimensions will allow for deciding camera angles after the fact, combining the languages of photography and data visualization. This hybrid computer graphics and video format would allow for a storytelling medium at once digitally synthesized and photo real.

The RGBD Toolkit is a software work flow for augmenting high definition video with 3D scan data from a depth sensor, such as an Xbox Kinect. First, a recording application allows you to calibrate a high definition video camera to the depth sensor, allowing their data streams to be merged. Secondly a visualization application allows for viewing the combined footage and applying different 3D rendering styles, camera moves, and exporting sequences.


DepthKit is an ongoing labor of love by the main developers:

Development has been assisted by the expertise, guidance and advice of Elliot Woods and Kyle McDonald


Inspired by many authors, futurists, and theorists who think creatively about the future of imaging, technology and culture:

Support for the Toolkit

The DepthKit has been made possible by the ongoing and generous support of institutions through grants and residencies