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What Comes with Early Access?

As a Depthkit beta member and collaborator, you are the first to gain access to our latest pre-release tools and developments, even if they are still a bit experimental or fresh out of testing! At Depthkit, we strive to be transparent about what is possible so creators have all latest features at their fingertips. We encourage you to explore the newest developments, experiment, and share your thoughts with us. Your feedback is important. You will help shape the tools and roadmap of the exciting developments to come.

These tools are not yet production ready and any issues or concerns can be shared in the #depthkit-beta-support slack channel, direct reach out at We also welcome you to share your thoughts and feedback.


What’s New?

Meet the New Depthkit!


The first in a suite of high quality, easy to use volumetric tools, this new version of Depthkit is a standalone, capture to export solution for 2.5D volumetric data. Designed for robustness and reliability, this tool provides visibility into your filmmaking process, showing real-time previews and removing unknowns.

Our main priority is to streamline and improve our tools. We will be integrating the high quality workflow into this new and improved Depthkit over the next few months. This release is just the start in a series of advancements in the volumetric toolset that will be available to the early access beta program in the coming weeks and months.


  • Increased capture stability and performance.

  • Introduction of the Edit & Export Window.

  • Live preview & edit of the depth range.

  • Optional background subtraction for the Kinect.

  • Optimized depth data Compression: go from capture to export to Unity in seconds!

  • In App Video Encoding.

  • Optimized for Unity combined-per-pixel video export formats.

  • Realsense Support (experimental).

As a Depthkit beta member, you have already been given early access and a new Depthkit account. Once you download and install this new version of Depthkit, you must reset your password before logging in. This is not your beta password. Your beta password and account details will remain the same. We recommend that you reset this new password to match your beta password. Your access to legacy tools will not change.

Please check out the documentation and Getting Started Guide with the password beta. This support portal is temporarily password protected for early access to pre-releases.

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Important Note: If experiencing performance issues with Depthkit v0.2.1, please report a bug in the application or reach out to us at To revert to the previous version temporarily, download Depthkit v0.2.0 below.


Introducing: Looks

Core to our ethos is the belief that creativity and art propel innovation. In every Scatter original production we create new tools and features. For Zero Days VR, we needed an aesthetic spectrum to represent our main character, the NSA Informant, from photoreal to digital hologram. So, we created the Hologram Look as an add-on for the Depthkit Unity Plugin that you can now use in your own work! This is the first release of Scatter Looks, an upcoming series of visual effects add-ons.


Depthkit Unity Plugin

THIS IS A BREAKING CHANGE: This package contains a new folder structure for the plugin as well as some variable name changes and video player changes that may break any links you added to the plugin. If you're planning to use this in your project, we highly recommend deleting your current plugin, then importing this version.


Photo Rendering

Easily playback your combined-per-pixel exports in Unity using the latest Photo Renderer. This is a photorealistic playback renderer, featuring in-editor asset refinement. You can now remove depth artifacts for clean playback right in the game engine.

Looks Support

In addition to providing in-editor depth refinement, the Hologram Look features a set of customizable effects layers inspired by Scatter’s own Zero Days VR. Just choose the Zero Days renderer in the Unity Plugin then layer, blend, and animate these Unity components to achieve your unique aesthetic!

Getting Started Guide (Password: beta)

Release Notes


What’s Next?

At Depthkit, it is our goal to create a tool set that inspires all volumetric creators. This new version of Depthkit is just the beginning, so what is next?

High Resolution Workflow | Coming Soon to Early Access Beta

Volumetric captures do not have to be limited by the resolution of a depth stream. Coming soon to beta, Depthkit will be releasing a high quality workflow, a streamlined solution for high resolution assets in Unity.

Streamlined Calibrator |  Coming Soon to Early Access Beta

We all know calibrating an external camera to your depth sensor takes some extra care and attention. Depthkit will change this workflow with a new calibration system, designed for everyone to enjoy.

Multi-camera Capture

We’ve got 2.5D captures down, but who says more isn’t better? Depthkit multi-camera capture is around the bend and we will be sharing our development plans with our beta community as it becomes ready for early access. Stay tuned!

To request to be a user tester for access to the latest developments still in testing, email us at

Help us improve Depthkit!

At Depthkit, we are fueled by the volumetric community and can't wait to hear your feedback. Submit your thoughts and don't hesitate to reach out with questions in the #depthkit-beta-support Slack channel or at We want to know what you think!