Beta FAQ

Q: I've signed up, how do I access the software?
A: Once you have registered, you'll be able to login on the site using the "Beta Login" link in the bottom right of the site. Once you login, you'll be redirected to the Beta Homepage, where you can access the software, tutorials, and more. The Beta homepage can also be accessed through the "Beta Home" link in the website's footer. If you have any other questions or need assistance please get in touch.

Q: What platforms does DepthKit run on?
A: DepthKit currently requires a Kinect V2 and a Windows machine for Capture. OSX is supported for processing footage through Visualize, and can also be used for Capture if the machine is setup with Bootcamp. Virtualization solutions will not work.

Q: What software can I use to work with DepthKit assets?
A: The current version of DepthKit is geared towards working with realtime game engines like Unity, but we also support export for use in tools like Maya or Cinema 4D, Houdini etc. DepthKit can also export an image sequence that can be used in common non-linear editing tools like Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro, or After Effects etc.

Q: What do I get as a member of the DepthKit Beta program?
A: You get access to the latest versions of the tool and information about our workflows as we continue to develop and refine them. You also get access to support from the DepthKit team, all of whom are ready and willing to help you figure out any issues you may be having. This includes membership in an invite-only Slack channel for beta users where you are free to discuss the tool or make any recommendations/suggestions you may have.

Q: What do I not get as a member of the DepthKit Beta program?
A: This is not a conventional finished or polished tool. DepthKit is very usable in its current state – it's been used on a variety of high-profile projects since 2012. As DepthKit continues to evolve, it is completely possible that the tool may break or the recommended workflows may change. However, we'll be right there with you and promise to keep our documentation updated with all the information you'll need to follow along.

Q: Does DepthKit currently support multi-camera shoots like the footage in Blackout?
A: Not yet. Our strategy is that, in building Blackout, we'll be concurrently working on the the project and the tool and we won't release before we're ready.

Q: Does DepthKit currently include the filtering techniques used in Giant?
A: The public version does not. We're still working on integrating those techniques but currently we can only selectively offer it as a service. Click here to learn more about that process.

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