Depthkit Enhancement Utility v0.4.1 Release Notes


  • Introduced --force, a new output option flag that allows users to force overwrite export files.

Bug Fixes

  • The export video (or image sequence) file no longer exports with color that appears washed out.
  • Resolved the bug that caused project files captured with the Depthkit Capture tool (sensor only video) to fall out of sync between the depth and color inputs.
  • The utility preview window no longer hangs when the export is complete.
  • Resolved OSX output path bug that caused a failure to write files when using legacy commands.
  • Utility no longer ignores user specified paths if a --comp is already specified.

Known Issues

  • This utility does not support audio passthrough.
  • In many enhancements, a depth artifact exists that shows up in the Depthkit Unity plugin as a sharp line in the depth data. The recommended work around for this is to use AVPro with Hardware Decoding disabled.