Depthkit Unity Hologram Plugin v0.2.3 Release Notes


  • Clean up of the Depthkit editor and video players. When switching your project from v0.2.2 to v0.2.3, you may need to re-enable the startup and playback settings of your existing Depthkit clips. 
  • Improved self occlusion that is now controlled with the Hologram Renderer instead of with individual layers.
  • Support for MPMP has been removed.

Bug Fixes

  • Solved issue of the point and line layers rendering on top of other geometry.

Known Issues

  • When converting your clip video player from Unity Player to AVPro, the clip will retain the file path relative to the project folder. This means that an AVPro clip may not appear in a build. Make sure that when using AVPro, your video file source path is set to “Relative to Streaming Assets Folder”.
  • Results of the Renderer Options differ with video player and color space.
  • Exports from Enhancement Utility may show sharp lines in the depth data, especially when viewed from the profile view. To work around this, use AVPro as your video player and make sure that Hardware Decoding is disabled.
  • In the fill, point, and line layers, the multiply blending mode goes to black when opacity is at a value of zero. Multiply mode also ignores transparency if using a sprite.
  • IOS is not yet supported.