Depthkit Visualize v0.2.2 Release Notes


  • When opening a project file, Visualize now generates a new .json calibration file from a project that has a yml based calibration (from the Depthkit Capture Pro (Beta) v0.1.2 or the Depthkit Capture v0.2.0). This will allow users to run the Depthkit Enhancement Utility without any extra step, as this utility requires a .json calibration file.
  • V0.2.2 includes changes to the X and Y texture translate feature. Note: Opening comps (created with previous Visualize versions) in v0.2.2 will alter your texture alignment. Before updating your project file to v0.2.2, create a new comp, as this new version will override your current texture alignment settings. 

Bug Fixes

  • The Combined-Per-Pixel export format now works on Windows Intel machines. This will help users who previously experienced a blank Combined-Per-Pixel preview.
  • The obj sequence export format now exports with the correct vertex normals. This should help those who may not have been seeing their sequences in Element 3D, etc.
  • Resolved export issue that caused skipped frames during export.

Known Issues

  • OS X will still encounter font rendering bugs if included fix script is not run prior to opening.
  • Visualize can crash if no pairings.xml is found
  • The color frame in the preview window can fail to update in realtime. Pausing playback will however show that the clip is in sync.
  • Videos may not appear the first time a comp is opened
  • "Couldn't get static framerate" error appears in the console when trying to seek to a specific point in a video or when rendering.
  • Alembic export can fail to load in common VFX software (Cinema 4D, Maya, 3DS Max, etc.)
  • Exporting Alembic on OS X can crash the application.
  • The Visualize preview window can start moving in a random, unintentional direction if lots of keys are pressed together.
  • A sync point set in one comp can persist when creating a new comp
  • Depth frames can fail to render when setting a sync point in the comp
  • Scrubbing the depth frame during synchronizing can update the depth thumbnail but not depth in the preview window.
  • Scrubbing the color frame during synchronizing also scrubs the depth frame
  • A camera keyframe set in one comp may persist when creating a new comp.
  • Point rendering mode does not work on machines that use Intel Iris graphics
  • Visualize exports will not work if played in the Depthkit Plugin Demo. You will need to play these exports using the main plugin package, not the demo scene.