Download DepthKit Software

The DepthKit Software Suite is currently only fully supported on Windows 8.1+. See the section below of OSX downloads


Windows Downloads

 Download DepthKit 0.2.0

Record and process volumetric video using only a depth sensor.
Contains DepthKit Capture & DepthKit Visualize.
Windows 8.1+

Download DepthKit Pro 0.2.0

Record and process high quality volumetric video using an external camera and depth sensor.
Contains DepthKit Capture Pro & DepthKit Visualize.
Windows 8.1+

NOTE: In order to run the software, you'll need to install both the Kinect SDK and Quicktime.

There's demonstration data for Unity or mesh formats to experiment with if you're curious about how to integrate DepthKit into your workflows.

OS X Download

Only DepthKit Visualize works on OSX. You'll need to use a PC to use the Capture software.

Download DepthKit Visualize 0.2.0


Process your volumetric video captures created with either DepthKit Capture or DepthKit Capture Pro
Contains only DepthKit Visualize.
OSX El Capitan+