Known Issues

My Capture app crashes when I attempt to the Calibrate Lens step using extra high resolution (3.5k, 4k) videos.

This happens when you try the Calibrate Lens step using the old method of calibration. The program now allows you to drag the folder containing the RGB videos instead of the videos themselves, which should fix the problem.

  1. Drag the first five video clips from the camera & drag them into the window.
  2. Find the /_rgbCalibration directory inside .../MediaBin/_calibration/ where the Capture Application saves the converted PNGs.
  3. Copy the PNGs generated for the first five videos into another directory.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 in sets of five videos until you've processed all the calibration videos.
  5. Gather all the PNGS from the external folder and copy them back into the folder in _calibration. 
  6. Relaunch the app.

The program is unable to find the checkerboard in the IR image in the "Calibrate Correspondence" section.

It's very likely that you printed your checkerboard with an ink that is too glossy. This can be the case if you used a high-end photo printer or something like a Canon Pixima printer. You should try to print instead with a laster printer, or even just photocopy what you initially printed and use the copy instead of the original, as that should make the checkerboard more receptive to IR light.

The camera is aimlessly flying off into the ether without input from me.

This often happens if you've held ALT while pressing one of the movement keys (W,A,S,D etc.) Either hold alt again and press the same key or reload the comp.  

My Kinect is unable to self-calibrate

DepthKit maintains a relatively narrow margin of error when it comes to calibrating the Kinect, so if a Kinect calibrates outside of that range it will fail to calibrate. We're working on a new version that lets you calibrate with the caveat that the Kinect isn't as well-calibrated as it could be, but for now you'll need to either buy a new Kinect or download a prefabricated calibration like the one here. Once you download the file, close the Capture application, and then place that file in you matrices folder. When you open the Capture app again, it should say that your camera has been properly calibrated.