Thanks for funding Blackout on Kickstarter!

And thank you for your support and continued interest in DepthKit! Follow the instructions below to get access to the beta version of our software, complete with tutorials and documentation to get you up and running on a shoot of your own. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!


Step 1. Order your (free!) Kinect V2 camera mount

DepthKit works by pairing a 2D color camera with a depth sensor in order to generate a volumetric image. During the shoot process, both cameras need to maintain the same relationship to one another.

To facilitate this, we sell a simple adjustable mount that allows you to securely attach your Kinect to any camera and ensure that both cameras stay well-aligned during your shoot.

Because you backed us on Kickstarter though, one free mount is included as part of your Kickstarter reward! Click "add to cart" on the left and input your coupon code at checkout. You won't need to add any credit card information either.


Step 2. Get DepthKit Beta Access

Because you backed us on Kickstarter, you get a free year subscription to the DepthKit Beta program! Keep in mind that DepthKit is a continually evolving software product and by joining the beta program you get to go on this journey with us.

In addition to the software, you'll get access to:

  • Support for KinectV2
  • Unity Integration Plugin
  • Access to depth data enhancement service
  • Integration for Maya/Houdini/Cinema4D
  • ThreeJS integration
  • Video tutorials on how to use DepthKit from start to finish
  • Written documentation on the whole DepthKit process, from planning to post-production
  • Access to the private DepthKit Beta users Slack channel
  • Alembic .OBJ export
  • Support and help from the DepthKit team to troubleshoot your project or workflow

When you click the button below to signup, add your coupon code and click 'apply coupon' to register. Need help? Contact us.

3. Gather your gear

While you wait on your mount to arrive, it's worth looking over what you plan to shoot with to make sure it meets the requirements to use DepthKit. At a high level, you need four things: a camera, a Kinect, a hardware mount, a calibration checkerboard, and a suitable computer.

A computer with a solid state hard drive running Windows 8 / 8.1 that meets the minimum requirements for running the Kinect.

A Kinect for Xbox One with a Kinect Adapter for Windows or Kinect for Windows V2 (which includes the Windows Adapter.)

A high resolution camera. The higher resolution the better, but anything that is at least 1080 is sufficient. We have used everything from a GoPro HERO4 to an Arri Alexa.

You'll also need a wide angle lens with minimal distortion. We recommend a wide angle prime lens. Typically a 12-16mm prime lens on a full frame sensor or an 8-12mm prime on Super 35 or APS-C. It will work with lenses that aren't that wide but you'll start losing information on the top and bottom of the frame.

You need to be able to secure your camera to your Kinect, so if you haven't already, go back to step 1 and order a mount using your Kickstarter coupon.

Calibration Checkerboard
Print out an A3 calibration checkerboard PDF in black and white on matte paper. You can also choose to instead print an A4 calibration board, but as its squares are smaller, we recommend the A3. Glue or otherwise mount it to something flat and rigid like wood or foam core. This can be done easily at most print shops – if you do it at home look out for bubbling or warping. It helps to attach a bracket or some way to put it to a stand or the wall.

NOTE: Be careful when you print out your checkerboard that you print it on a non glossy surface with non-glossy ink. Laser printers work the best for this, and photo printers do not. If your ink is too glossy, there is a chance you won't be able to properly calibrate your camera.

Beta FAQ

Q: I've signed up, how do I access the software?
A: Once you have registered, you'll be able to login on the site using the "Login/Register" link in the bottom right of the site. Once you login, you'll be redirected to the Beta Homepage, where you can access the software, tutorials, and more. The Beta homepage can also be accessed through a link called "Beta Home" in the website's footer as well. If you have any other questions or need assistance please get in touch

Q: What software can I use to work with DepthKit assets?
A: The current version of DepthKit is geared towards working with realtime game engines like Unity and Unreal, but we also support export for use in tools like Maya or Cinema 4D or Blender. DepthKit can also export an image sequence that can be used in common non-linear editing tools like Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro.

Q: What do I get as a member of the DepthKit Beta program? 
A: You get access to the latest versions of the tool and information about our workflows as we continue to develop and refine them. You also get access to support from the DepthKit team, all of whom are ready and willing to help you figure out any issues you may be having. This includes membership in an invite-only Slack channel for beta users where you are free to discuss the tool as well as any recommendations/suggestions you may have.

Q: What do I not get as a member of the DepthKit Beta program? 
A: This is not a conventional finished or polished tool Though DepthKit is very usable in its current state, having been used on a variety of high-profile projects, it is ever-evolving. In joining the DepthKit Beta Program, you are collaborating with us to create a robust and stable tool that is able to support and accommodate a wide variety of production needs and workflows.

As DepthKit continues to evolve, it is completely possible that the tool may break and the recommended workflows may change rapidly and unpredictably as a response. However, we'll be right there with you and promise to keep this page as well as our documentation updated with all the information you'll need to follow along.

Q: Does DepthKit support multi-camera shoots like the footage in Blackout?
A: Not yet. Our strategy is that, in building Blackout, we'll be concurrently working on the tool and won't release before we're ready. However, in the DIY spirit, you probably don't need an extrinsic multi-cam calibrator or network triggering to run one yourself...

Q: Does DepthKit currently include the filtering techniques used in Giant?
A: The public version does not. We're still working on those techniques but we can selectively offer it as a service.

For further, more specific questions, see our expanded FAQ.

For all other inquires or to report an issue with the site, please contact us at

Thanks again for backing Blackout on Kickstarter and making this all possible! We look forward to seeing you around!