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The DepthKit Beta Program

The DepthKit program is a paid, closed Beta. To access the materials & features listed below, you'll have to sign up at right.

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Accessible volumetric video

Pair your video camera with a Kinect or other depth sensor and use DepthKit to create volumetric video at cinematic framerates.

Then, use DepthKit to edit & refine your footage and publish to the game engine or visual effects environment of your choice.



Easily integrate DepthKit with your existing equipment, team & software tools.


DepthKit Capture allows you to film with a Kinect V2 alongside you video camera, easily slotting in to your existing crew and equipment.

DepthKit Visualize allows for quick synching, trimming and visual design for either rendering directly to video or exporting to popular realtime or visual effects environments.

  • Trim, refine & prepare footage.
  • Syncs to camera timecode
  • Render using a host of visual styles.
  • Export to interactive or VFX tools.

DepthKit plugins allow you to embed and publish your footage for virtual & augmented reality or interactive experiences on the web.

  • Play your DepthKit captures in Unity.
  • Create interactive pieces on the web.
  • Render out of your VFX tool of choice.
  • Build volumetric VR / AR experiences.


Depth Enhancement Service

As part of the Beta, you'll be able to utilize DepthKit's new data enhancement services. For a fee, we can dramatically increase both the quality and resolution of your recorded depth sequences, bringing them up to par with ultra hd video with depth maps up to 4K. For more information on this service, click here.



Capture in new formats without abandoning your trusted tools.


Realtime Applications

Whether you're creating an interactive piece for the web or placing people into fully explorable virtual worlds, DepthKit assets will work for you. We use a lightweight file format that allow you to stream your captures in Unity or on the web.

Your subscription also includes access to a growing list of plugins & example data, with current support for Unity & threeJS.

Visual Effects 

Supplement your compositing or VFX workflows with aligned z-depth maps or mesh sequences, enabling effects not possible with video alone. DepthKit also includes a rendering environment, allowing you to render your volumetric creations straight to video.

DepthKit exports formats compatible with most VFX toolsets using alembic (.abc) or textured OBJ sequences.


Looking for Demo Data?

Download sample data for Unity, Maya, Cinema 4D, and more.


As the tool evolves, the DepthKit team is dedicated to providing our users with a way to "try out" the results of the tool, as well as put on display what's possible. To that end, we provide people interested in DepthKit with freely downloadable datasets that they can import into compatible tools and take for a test drive, no registration required.


DepthKit Projects

Already an essential component in many groundbreaking projects.


Case Study | Google Virtual Art Sessions

Learn how Google collaborated with a group of artists to capture their creations in Tiltbrush. Using DepthKit allowed them to present their artists natively on the web in an interactive format in the moment of their creation.


We're in this together!

You're part of an elite group of creators asking new artistic questions – we're here to help you design answers.



Joining the DepthKit Beta grants access to the DepthKit team for help with your specific project or workflow. We're keeping the Beta small so we can make sure that no question goes unanswered and all of our Beta members are enabled to make their projects.

  • Approachable written & video tutorials.
  • Advice and specifications for planning your shoot.
  • Recommendations for equipment and tools.


This creative landscape is new to everyone. We believe that only a lively, inclusive discussion will allow us all to build tools, workflows and artwork that are truly native to this emerging medium. Please join the conversation – we need your voice.

  • A private DepthKit Slack channel for discussion.
  • A forum for creative & technical discussion. 
  • Access to other creators & collaborators.

The DepthKit beta costs $650/year. The subscription buys access to the software and all upgrades as they're released, the documentation, plugins, and technical support for your projects. If you choose not to renew you can keep your version of the tool. Since this is a beta, we will all be collectively learning how this tool needs to evolve. Given that, we reserve the right to change the price and/or features in the future. When version 1.0 is released your subscription will roll into a favorable plan in recognition of your willingness to join us in this endeavor.

If you are currently enrolled in an academic program or maintain a non-funded artistic practice, we encourage you to apply for our student/artist discount. You can apply for this program though our form here.

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