Depthkit Cinema.

The craft of cinema meets the creativity
of volumetric video.

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Bring your cinematography to life in three dimensions.

With Depthkit Cinema, you can supplement the lush cinematic quality of your video camera with accessible depth sensing to create vivid, high resolution volumetric captures. Depthkit Cinema offers you the highest quality volumetric footage of real people, with the video production skills you already have.

Cinematic quality.
Rich detail.
High resolution.

Bring life to 3D characters.

Capture the raw humanity of your subjects. Depthkit Cinema offers the highest fidelity single viewpoint volumetric capture available.

Control the look & feel of your shots.

Design the cinematography to tell your story. With full control of exposure and color settings, shooting and post-production are in your hands.

Produce results that will leave a mark.

Professional quality video footage means more resolution, more vivid color, and more realistic subjects that will impress your clients.

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Sensor-only capture

Depthkit Cinema capture

A familiar production workflow, developed for filmmakers.

With Depthkit Cinema you take advantage of your own gear. Record as many takes as you need, with no limit to the duration of your footage.
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  • Highest fidelity portable volumetric capture available
  • Up to 8K depth resolution upscale
  • Accurate pairing with video camera of your choice
  • Designed for affordable PC laptops that work on location
  • Familiar and reliable production workflow
  • Unlimited clip duration
  • Supports Femto Bolt, Azure Kinect, Kinect v2
  • Stable, GPU-accelerated recording
  • Frame-drop free capture
  • Preview, playback and trim within the application
  • Proprietary best-in-class depth refinement
  • Lightweight volumetric video export formats (MP4, PNG sequence)
  • Textured mesh sequence export (OBJ)
  • Seamless Unity plugin integration
  • Personalized customer support

Learn how Depthkit Cinema works

Depthkit is software for capturing volumetric video — think holograms.
Connect a depth sensor to your PC to record, play back, and trim your volumetric clips within the Depthkit app.
You’ll use the familiar craft of film production, and export your Depthkit footage to use with your preferred tools from the Adobe Creative suite to Cinema 4D, Houdini, Unity and beyond. See how Depthkit has been used in XR and for VFX.

With a Depthkit Cinema software license, you can reliably pair a professional-grade video camera to the depth sensor as well. Depthkit software works with accessible hardware that you can buy off-the shelf from companies like Microsoft and Intel.

Dive deeper in our step-by-step guide.

Watch the tutorial

On location, shooting Kusunda in a remote village in the hills of Nepal © NowHere Media & INVR.SPACE / 2020

Take your production
anywhere in the world.

Depthkit Cinema is the only portable 8K volumetric solution.
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Depthkit Cinema on set.

The biggest brands in video production and immersive entertainment —including Disney, CBS, Technicolor, Framestore and HBO — have used Depthkit. Our software has been used to create interactive augmented reality experiences for premier acts such as U2 and Eminem at major stadium concerts. Depthkit has also been the key ingredient in the most critically acclaimed and impactful volumetric projects — from Hollywood motion pictures, to documentaries by Academy-award winning directors, and countless premieres at independent festivals including SXSW and Tribeca.

Volumetric filmmakers around the world trust Depthkit Cinema's performance.
Take an early look at some of their inspiring projects below.

Speak the unspoken: capturing Himalayan indigenous language.

Shot in the mountains of Nepal, Kusunda is a VR film that documents the last speakers of the Kusunda language. Selected for the 2020 Sundance Institute New Frontier Story Lab. Supported by INVR.SPACE.

Relive history with
Babyn Yar VR.

Dedicated to Babyn Yar, Ukrainian site of the largest massacre in the history of the Holocaust, this VR doc received an Open Frame Award’s special mention at goEast Film Festival 2020.

Look into the future of the Anthropocene epoch.

Presented at Sundance 2020, Solastalgia is a 500 sq ft AR installation that contemplates the redemptive potential of technology and the scientific forecast of a compromised future.


Read how Depthkit works with X


Read how Depthkit works with X

Read here how Territory uses Depthkit to
push the boundaries of Visual Effects

Show your clients the future of content in brilliant high resolution color.

Not sure if Depthkit Cinema is right for you?
Contact to ask about our free trial, with limited recording and export durations. No credit card required.

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