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Depthkit is made for creators to easily produce volumetric video characters.

Film true-to-life action in color and depth, and populate your virtual worlds with natural-looking humans. Genuine people, authentic gestures and motion are captured as they actually are. No synthetic, vacant puppetry. Volumetric video feels real.

State-of-the-art innovation.

The Scatter team were the very first to create volumetric video software for consumer depth sensors, which has grown into the Depthkit professional solution. From the beginning, our technical philosophy anticipated the real time future. Now, the metaverse is on the horizon, and Depthkit is ready. Our format is smart, contemporary, and optimized for game engine performance.

No rigging or loading or transcoding or paint drying.
Just record and play.

How does Depthkit Core work?

Lights › Depth Sensor › Action!

  1. Start with the Depthkit desktop software application. Purchase a Depthkit Core subscription plan, and log in to your software.
  2. With Depthkit Core, an off-the-shelf depth sensing device, like a Femto Bolt or Azure Kinect, becomes your camera.
  3. Your PC becomes your viewfinder.
  4. Preview your subject live in the 3D viewport.
  5. Hit record, and your video is saved directly on your local hard drive. No cloud uploads ever!
  6. Review and trim your volumetric clips right in the app.
  7. Optionally, enhance the quality of your clips with our refinement algorithm.
  8. Last stop: export!

Depthkit volumetric clips are saved as mp4 video files. It's legible as the normal video you know and trust, plus corresponding hue-encoded depth information. We call this format Combined Per Pixel, and it's the backbone of Depthkit's elegant efficiency. Familiar video files mean you can take advantage of well-established compression standards, and compatibility across 2D editing tools.

Depthkit takes care of the visuals. You'll record audio separately and sync it later, just as you would with celluloid film. Depthkit's reliable recording with no dropped frames means your sound will match perfectly.

The magic happens in real time

Depthkit volumetric video integrates effortlessly into Unity game engine. Download the basic Depthkit for Unity plugin on your downloads page. This is a robust SDK that will turn your Depthkit clips into first-class Unity assets.

With the Depthkit plugin installed, you'll drag and drop your Depthkit exports into Unity. The Depthkit plugin for Unity takes the color and depth information you captured, and transforms the video frames into a textured mesh. This is not a pointcloud (but if you're after enthralling visual effects with particles, discover our advanced Depthkit Expansion Package for Unity).

Our secret sauce is our proprietary, patent-pending technology, Deferred Surface Reconstruction. In short, we make things 3D before your very eyes. The mesh is not baked in at capture, keeping this workflow dynamic and agile. The level of detail and density of geometry can be adjusted at run time. Depthkit's Combined Per Pixel volumetric video clips are lightweight and performant: ready for real time.

Now, you have a real person in a digital world. Welcome to the future!


  1. Unlimited recordings with no duration cap
  2. Stable GPU-accelerated recording
  3. Orbbec Femto Bolt support
  4. Microsoft Azure Kinect and Kinect v2 support
  5. Manual depth sensor controls.
  6. Proprietary 4K depth refinement
  7. Export as MP4/PNG, or textured OBJ mesh sequence

Learn more with our in-depth guides.

#Depthkit is the world's most widely used volumetric video solution.

See what Depthkit creators are making.

With just one depth sensor, Depthkit Core is the simplest and fastest way to create volumetric video.

See for yourself with our free trial.

Want more than Core?

Since your subject is captured from one perspective only, clips are limited to 2.5D. This means you'll see depth in the relief of the front of your subject, but the back of your subject is missing.
Take your volumetric project further with Depthkit's advanced solutions.

Depthkit Studio

With Depthkit Studio, use multiple depth sensors to create true fullbody holograms.

Depthkit Cinema Volumetric Video Portrait

Depthkit Cinema

Add lush color resolution up to 8K by filming with a video camera alongside your depth sensor.

Depthkit Live

Direct from your film set to Unity. No latency. Available as part of Depthkit Studio.

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