Real people. Digital holograms.

Depthkit Studio.

Depthkit Studio brings real people into interactive 3D worlds with portable, high quality volumetric video capture. Volumetric video is so compelling because our brains are wired to recognize humanity.

Ten years ago, the team at Scatter launched the prototype for Depthkit, the first ever creative tool for volumetric video. Since then, we've worked alongside a powerful community of creative pioneers, independent in spirit and ambitious in reach. Together, we've taken volumetric filmmaking from Eminem to HBO, from Sundance to the Emmys. Now, this creative ecosystem is graduating to full-body, 360 volumetric video with Depthkit Studio.

Depthkit Studio is available as a paid subscription license and hardware package. For those with the vision to take up the mantle and shape our industry, Depthkit Studio puts you on the ground floor of the most important step forward in video technology of our times.

Depthkit Studio is being used on professional productions today. Join us!

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Depthkit user interface on a computer monitor


Depthkit Studio supports livestreamed volumetric video.
Stream your subject in real time in a Unity scene on the same computer as capture, with no latency. Broadcast over the network to facilitate teleconferencing, virtual production, and live events.

Depthkit livestream in a virtual 3D environment
Depthkit Livestream user interfaceAn example of hardware used in a Depthkit Studio Livestream

A total volumetric solution
for any capture scenario.

Change your volumetric capture rig to suit your subject.

Frontal-oriented captures save you production time and run optimally across platforms. Full body captures let your audiences see your volumetric video from any angle.

Own your creative pipeline.

Bring full-body volumetric video into your everyday creative arsenal with your Depthkit Studio in-house capture facility.

Rapidly prototype on your own terms. Keep your footage in your hands, with unlimited capture, export and streaming duration. No per-minute fees, cloud uploads or blackbox 3rd party processing. Record and play back your results immediately.

Portable and modular
world-class volumetric stage.

Scale your setups from a pelican case to a sound stage. Calibrate a custom capture volume. The number of sensors is flexible, and inside-out capture is possible too. Move your rig and set up anywhere.

On set with Celine Damen, Sterre Konijn, Aron Fels & Dajo Brinkman

On set with Delfina Roybal / EMME Studio

An example of a portable 3-sensor Depthkit Studio rig
A person viewing Kvöldvaka in AR on a mobile phoneKvöldvaka as seen by the viewer

Kvöldvaka by Dane Christensen, Carol Dalrymple & Barna Szasz

The installation footprint is similar to a typical film production for a single-character scene. Setup is straightforward - DIY using your existing video knowhow without having to hire outside experts.

Accessible off-the-shelf hardware

Depthkit Studio software needs only one PC, and combines data from up to 10 Femto Bolt or Azure Kinect depth sensors. It is a modular solution, designed to work with your own gear.

Computer requirements

Up to 3 Sensors

CPU: Intel i9-9900K @ 3.6-5.0 GHz

GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070

Memory: 32GB

Up to 6 Sensors

CPU: Intel Core i9-11900K CPU @ 3.50GHz or better


Memory: 64GB Dual Channel (2x 32GB)

PCIe Expansion: 1x 4 Port USB3.0 PCIe Card with 4 Dedicated 5Gbps Channels

Up to 10 Sensors

CPU: Intel Core-i9 14900K @ 3.2GHz


Memory: 64 Dual Channel (2x32GB)

PCIe Expansion: 2x 4 Port USB3.0 PCIe Card with 4 Dedicated 5Gbps Channels

See our Equipment guide for details →

Don't have hardware yet?
You can now buy a complete hardware solution directly from us.


Buy hardware for Depthkit Studio.
Fully-vetted and delivered by us.

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Depthkit Studio Hardware packaging

Create visionary
digital beings.

Depthkit Studio can power a new world of extraordinary effects, using Unity's Shader Graph and VFX Graph. Transcend the ordinary. No code required.

Unity logo

Unity integration.

Lightweight files, made for real time. Our original patent-pending Deferred Surface Reconstruction allows for realtime meshing, making critical decisions like texture blending, level of detail, and geometric density, at run time.

Depthkit Studio clips become first-class Unity assets, receiving light and casting shadows. Choose your preferred render pipeline, including URP and HDRP.

Create with Depthkit Studio today.

By choosing Depthkit Studio, you are taking your place alongside a league of changemakers, mavens and trailblazers. You'll get to define the next generation of content creation.

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