The world isn't flat.

Why should video be?

Meet Depthkit.
The creative software solution for filming and livestreaming volumetric video.

Depthkit records real people in color and depth, so you can tell captivating stories for the new spatial content landscape. Capture authentic human performance as holograms for teleconferencing, character assets for gaming, or digital beings for Hollywood.

The Depthkit workflow is similar to video production, but your output is three-dimensional. To use Depthkit, you will need a PC and a consumer-grade depth sensor. The Depthkit software app running on your PC takes the color and depth data from your depth sensors and creates lightweight, performant files ready for Unity game Engine or your preferred Digital Content Creation tools.

1. Capture Depth & Color on set

On set, Depthkit captures color and depth data from a depth sensor and, for even better results, you can pair it with a professional camera of your choice.
Live-preview of depth and color will always give you the confidence you are capturing the perfect performance.

2. Edit & Refine in Post

Instantly review your footage, make selects and enhance the data quality with our best-in-class depth data refinement algorithms.

3. Export

Bring your captures into your favorite 3D destination. Depthkit supports integration into game engines and rendered environments, too.

Choose your plan.

Which Depthkit product is right for you? Compare plans →

Depthkit Core

Simple, fast and reliable. Capture and export 2.5D volumetric video with a single Azure Kinect, Kinect v2 or RealSense depth sensor.

Depthkit Cinema Volumetric Video Portrait

Depthkit Cinema

Unlock vivid color resolution up to 8K by pairing a professional video camera to your depth sensor.

Depthkit Studio

Film true fullbody 360-degree 3D holograms by connecting up to 10 Azure Kinect depth sensors to a single PC.

Depthkit Live

Stream your volumetric video in real time. Included with the price and available as part of Depthkit Studio.

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The next-generation
creative toolset.

Depthkit is developed for creatives, by creatives.

Scatter is the Emmy award-winning studio behind Depthkit and the Volumetric Filmmaking community.

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