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General Questions

What is Depthkit?

Depthkit is the first volumetric filmmaking tool designed to empower creators of all experience levels to participate in the cutting edge of immersive storytelling. Depthkit is downloadable software that allows you to capture full motion video and depth (also called RGBD or 2.5D Volumetric Video) for use in interactive 3D environments like Unity or WebGL.

What can I capture with Depthkit?

You can think of Depthkit like any video camera, but enhanced with the added dimension of 3D depth. This means anything with movement is a great subject for Depthkit. People and animals are our favorite, but any moving scene can look compelling when volumetrically captured!

Does Depthkit capture environments as well as people?

Depthkit is designed for full motion capture. Unlike other scanning software that creates static 3D models of scenes or objects, Depthkit takes a stream of 30 independent 3D scans per second for cinematic motion in true 3D.

This means that Depthkit isn't the best tool to capture large environments. For that, we recommend software like Agisoft Photoscan, Capturing Reality, or, for creators working with a more substantive budget, LiDAR solutions.

Depthkit works in conjunction with these static capture solutions to create interactive 3D reconstructed environments — the raw ingredients of volumetric filmmaking.

What can I do with Depthkit captures?

Depthkit supports a range of workflows with the ability to export file formats optimized for game engine and 3D visual effects pipelines. In a single project, you can export volumetric footage for Unity or export a geometry sequence to take the same footage into your preferred DCC tools like After Effects or Houdini.

We also support playback on a web browser with the Depthkit.js Web Player or our Vimeo Depth Player integration.

Is Depthkit its own hardware?

No, Depthkit is a purely software solution. However, it does require specialized hardware that's easy to get — specifically a 3D depth sensing camera like the Microsoft Azure Kinect as well as a Windows PC.

See the Computer & Sensors section in this FAQ for more information on the hardware requirements for running Depthkit.

Can I integrate Depthkit into my favorite creative tools?

Depthkit offers flexibility in export formats to support integration with Unity as well as many DCC tools with the help of geometry sequence exports. Explore specific integrations in the Depthkit tutorials or check out the Depthkit Forums for techniques and tips.

For advanced creative control over your Depthkit assets in Unity, contact to purchase the Depthkit Core Expansion Package, now in our private beta program.

What's the Depthkit learning curve?

If you're new to volumetric workflows, don't worry! Depthkit is designed to complement traditional filmmaking workflows. As a result, creators of all backgrounds and experience levels can get up and running with no previous volumetric experience, but having experience in video production, 3D design, or interactive systems programming is very helpful.

I don’t know how to code, can I still use Depthkit?

Yes, you'll be just fine — Depthkit is designed for filmmakers and non-engineers. Our latest Unity integration developments provide complete creative freedom to design XR and 3D experiences with zero coding required.

Contact to gain access to these developments in our private beta program for the Depthkit Core Expansion Package.

Pricing & Licenses

How much does Depthkit cost?

Depthkit licenses are subscription-based, and the cost of a license varies by feature set. For plan comparisons, visit our Get Depthkit page.

Is there a free trial of Depthkit?

Yes there is! Depthkit Evaluation is a free trial that allows you to compare Pro and Record features while exploring volumetric capture. Please note that in this free version, recording and exporting are limited by clip duration until you subscribe. Download the evaluation version on the Get Depthkit page and start exploring!

What is the difference between Depthkit Record and Depthkit Pro?

Depthkit Record features the basics needed to create volumetric captures and is ideal for those just getting started. Depthkit Pro provides the same robust sensor-based capture solution, but with the additional support for the Azure Kinect camera along with a depth enhancement algorithm that produces refined results up of up to 4K depth captures. This feature brings depth data quality beyond what was previously possible with depth sensors alone to truly represent a realistic human form.

Is Depthkit Studio right for me?

Depthkit Studio offers full-body volumetric video, with up to 10 Azure Kinect depth sensors. Join the waitlist for upcoming details.

Can I get access to Depthkit pre-release tools?

Yes! Depthkit is all about sharing the latest developments, especially if you're willing to experiment and give us feedback while we work out the kinks. Contact to learn more about our tools and how to gain access to the latest.

Will my Depthkit Record data work when I upgrade to Pro?

Yes, depth data captured with Record is compatible with Pro and can even be enhanced. However, we recommend that if you're planning to use the Depthkit Pro workflow, you  purchase a Pro license prior to your shoot and internalize our best practices to get the best results. For instance, the depth enhancement workflow will require a green screen, and if your material wasn’t captured against one, you may not be able to refine the data.

Can I apply Looks to my Depthkit assets in Unity?

The Depthkit Core Expansion Package for Unity unlocks the creative potential to design your own customized Looks for Depthkit. This includes compatibility with Unity's Shader Graph and Visual Effect Graph.

For access to the Depthkit Core Expansion Package, contact to apply to our private beta program today.

Account & License Management

How do I know I have the most recent version of Depthkit?

All Depthkit subscribers have access to the latest Depthkit software. Once downloaded and installed, Depthkit updates automatically, as long as you're connected to the Internet. When new versions are released, you'll be notified of any updates once you open the application.

How can I upgrade my Depthkit license?

You can upgrade your subscription by going to Get Depthkit and selecting a new license and billing plan. We’ll prompt you for your credit card information and process your new subscription.

Even though the credit card form displays the full cost of your new subscription, you'll only be charged the prorated cost of the new license — so if you’ve used two out of three months of a Depthkit Record license and want to upgrade to a Depthkit Pro annual plan, you’ll be charged the Depthkit Pro annual cost, less one month of Depthkit Record.

I just upgraded from Depthkit Record to Depthkit Pro. How do I access the new features?

Thank you for upgrading! Once you launch Depthkit and login, the application will recognize your new license and activate all Pro features. If Depthkit is currently running, you may need to restart the application to refresh your license.

How can I downgrade my Depthkit license?

If you aren’t ready for our (Pro) jelly, you can go to Get Depthkit and downgrade to a Record license. Your new Record license will be credited the prorated amount of your remaining unused Pro license.

Even though you won’t be charged when you downgrade, we do ask for your credit card information so that we have that on file for your next billing cycle, after your Pro credit has been fully used.

Does the subscription for my Depthkit license automatically renew?

Yes, the subscription for your Depthkit license will automatically renew on the billing cycle (either quarterly or yearly) you selected when you purchased it. You can check the date of your next renewal and billing cycle on your My Account page.

Can I pause my Depthkit license?

We don’t currently support the ability to pause and restart a license or subscription. You can cancel your subscription, which turns off the automatic renewal, and sign up for a new license when you’re ready to come back.

How do I cancel my Depthkit subscription?

This is a very sad question for us to answer. :(

To cancel your Depthkit license, please go to "Cancel Subscription" on your My Account Page, or contact us with your name, the email you used to register for this site and we’ll turn off automatic renewals on your account. Your license will expire after your current billing cycle is complete. We're sorry to see you go — the future of immersive media will miss you!

If I cancel my Depthkit subscription, do I get a refund?

Refunds are only valid within 7 days of your subscription purchase or renewal date. Reach out to to request a refund from our support team.

If I cancel my subscription, can I still use Depthkit?

Using Depthkit requires an active subscription, so you won't be able to use the software after you cancel your subscription and your remaining credit expires.

Miss us? We missed you, too! You can sign up for a new license and begin using Depthkit again at anytime.

How do I delete my Depthkit account?

If you want to delete your Depthkit account, please go to "Delete Account" on your My Account Page, or contact us with your name and the email you used to register for this site, and we'll delete you from our user database.

If you have an active Depthkit license, please note that you will no longer be able to use the software once your account is deleted.

Sensors & Computers

What equipment do I need to get started?

At minimum, you will need a Windows PC or Mac running Bootcamp that meets our minimum specs, a supported depth sensor, and a subscription to Depthkit Record. Learn more about recommended computer specifications and supported depth sensors.

Can I run Depthkit on any machine?

Depthkit requires a Windows PC that meets our minimum specifications., However, support for Mac is in development and will be ready to share soon. For now, if you are using a Mac, you can get Windows with Bootcamp.

Learn more about recommended specifications on our documentation.

What sensors can I use with Depthkit?

We support the Azure Kinect (Depthkit Pro license only), Kinect for Windows V2 / Kinect for Xbox One (which requires Kinect Adapter for Windows PC). Intel RealSense D400 series is available in all licenses, but is considered experimental. Read more about sensors in our documentation.

How do I know which sensor is right for me?

The Azure Kinect sensor's stability, quality and portability makes it the best sensor for almost all use cases. It's available in our Pro product license. If you're interested in shooting with an Intel RealSense depth camera or have a legacy Kinect for Windows V2, we encourage you to read about the known issues and differences between shooting with the D415 and D435.

Can I capture with Depthkit alongside my own video camera, such as a DSLR?

Depthkit Cinema provides the functionality to supplement the lush cinematic quality of your video camera with accessible depth sensing to create vivid, high resolution 2.5D volumetric captures up to 8K. Contact to subscribe to Depthkit Cinema today.

Can I shoot with multiple sensors?

Depthkit multi-camera capture methods are still in development and will be released with the Studio product tier. If you're interested in learning more, join the Depthkit Studio waiting list, and you'll be the first the know when multi-cam support goes live.


What kind of support does Depthkit provide?

We're excited to provide a full range of technical support to make sure all Depthkit users can be successful with the toolset. Our public documentation and forums are a great way to learn more about what Depthkit is and how it works. If you've purchased a Depthkit license, you also get access to our private Slack support channel and email support with 24-hour response time

Where can I find Depthkit operators to hire for a shoot?

Want to shoot with Depthkit, but don't have the time to learn the workflow? No problem — there are many trained and experienced Depthkit operators who are available for hire. To find an operator in your area, contact us or visit the Collaborate channel in the Depthkit Forums.

Looking for more?

For in-depth technical information about Depthkit, please visit our public documentation, or submit a question via the contact form below.

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