A glimpse into the Depthkit Studio Pilot program

Every month, Scatter CEO & Co-Founder James George sends personalized updates to our exclusive group of pilot customers featuring the latest enhancements to Scatter’s volumetric video capture solution Depthkit Studio.

May 26, 2021

Scatter has created Depthkit, a volumetric video (aka holograms) solution that leads the industry by number of users, as well as the quantity and quality of volumetric content created.
Most recently, we’ve introduced Depthkit Studio for creative companies anywhere in the world to equip their teams with high-quality, portable volumetric video capture in-house.

What is volumetric video (aka holograms)?

Here's a quick primer in case you are new to this world. Volumetric video, also commonly just called ‘Holograms’, is 3D lifelike interactive content featuring real people  —  captured from reality. Volumetric video allows authentic human presence to be added to any 3D digital interactive application or experience.

Holograms are useful for all sorts of things. The creative team at Scatter and I use them for interactive storytelling, or ‘volumetric filmmaking’  —  read more about that on my history of the medium. They can also be used for anything from musical performances, to sports stars, to CEOs and dignitaries, to appear in Augmented Reality (AR) or Virtual Reality (VR).

Holograms created with Depthkit are a premium service to offer your clients. Depthkit powered human presence is also quickly becoming a key ingredient in the next-generation of 3D platforms powering the Metaverse. More on this later…

The Depthkit Studio Pilot program is an exclusive group of pioneering entrepreneurs and creatives who are defining the market for volumetric video as we speak. Pilot customers' daily successes, challenges and critical feedback are shaping the product we are building to ensure it suits their needs, and the needs of the burgeoning industry long term.

Read on for a glimpse into the rapid and exciting development of an industry defining community and the cutting edge creative tool that powers them.

New Guides & Tutorials

Getting Started Guide

We’ve put together a concise guide to getting you started with Depthkit Studio. This guide is focused on walking new users through from the very start to the first capture in Unity. Use the guide to onboard new teammates or educate your technical clients on the workflow. It’s also helpful as a refresher even if you are already an advanced Depthkit Studio user.

New Multi-camera Calibration Video Tutorial

Check out the brand new deep dive video tutorial on calibration hosted by Scatter’s own Volumetric Production Specialist, Cory Allen. This video takes the mystery out of the art and science of calibration. Watch now to get up to speed on the latest best practices on one of the most important steps in the Depthkit Studio workflow.

New Unity Video Tutorials

Along with the latest Depthkit Studio Unity Package Phase 5 Release in April, we’ve also put together a two-part video tutorial for getting your captures looking spiffy in Unity. From importing packages, using the Unity timeline, and the right surface reconstruction settings to focus on.

Upcoming Features

We have new releases in testing for both Depthkit Studio app and the Depthkit Studio Expansion Package for Unity. Read on to see what’s in store.

Improved Calibration Quality Metrics

Over the last month Scatter’s engineering team has conducted a deep quantitative analysis of the calibration system in order to refine the quality ratings in the UI. The next version of Depthkit Studio will provide reliable and legible calibration feedback.

Calibration quality feedback ensures you can capture with confidence

AVPRo 2 Video Player Upgrade

The AVPro 2 back-end player for Depthkit will enable 360 Video Rendering & Advanced Timeline Integration. Our original production The Changing Same is headed to Tribeca Film Festival! For the festival, we’re creating a 360 video rendered version out of Unity of the project to access audiences without access to 6DOF headsets. We’ve heard from a number of customers that this is a workflow of interest for you as well.

The R&D effort for this 360 Video render has yielded some exciting upgrades. First, we have prototype support for AVPro 2 from RenderHeads for Depthkit’s back-end video player subsystem. This is a huge improvement from the original AVPro and the Unity Video Player.

Most importantly, this upgrade allows for highly responsive Unity Timeline scrubbing of video clips, as well as frame-accurate 360 video rendering.

Get in touch with us if you’d like to learn more about this workflow for your production.

If you like what you see here and are interested in equipping your team with the bleeding edge of filmmaking technology, apply to the Depthkit Studio Pilot program and we’ll reach out.

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