Depthkit volumetric video featured on "Huge if True", with Cleo Abram and MKBHD

The world's most prominent tech YouTubers demystify hightech filmmaking, and discover how volumetric is the future of video.

July 18, 2023

The latest episode of Huge if True demystifies the future of movies, and features volumetric video with Depthkit Studio! The episode is hosted by Cleo Abram and Marques Brownlee (aka MKBHD) who are some of the world's most influential tech YouTubers.

A demo day with the world's leading Tech YouTubers.

Scatter co-founder and CEO James George (right) joins Cleo (left) and Marques (center) on the Depthkit volumetric capture stage.

Scatter, and our partners at ZeroSpace, spent a day with Cleo Abram (@CleoAbram) and Marques Brownlee (@MKBHD) running through all the latest Virtual Production techniques. Our guests got to experience first-hand how new capabilities of realistic 3D game engines, high resolution LED, and camera tracking has transformed filmmaking.

Fitting volumetric video into the big picture of virtual production.

The episode covers three major moviemaking technologies that all fall under the virtual production banner: The XR Stage (also known as ICVFX), Motion Capture, and Volumetric Video. Watch the first half of their video for a perfect primer on the first to XR Stage and Motion Capture.

It was when they encountered the Depthkit volumetric video demo that the future of video came into focus.

Cleo Abram - "[Volumetric video] felt most like it might change how Marques and I actually made videos in the future"

Volumetric video for Film & TV

When using volumetric video for Film & TV Production, authentic human performances are captured from every angle in 3D, allowing their actual likeness and nuanced performance to translated into the virtual world. Unlike Motion Capture, this doesn't require creating a 3D avatar from scratch by an artist, or scanning in advance. Volumetric video captures 3D surfaces with video cameras, so there no need to put on a special suit. Once a volumetric video has been captured and brought into a 3D world, the camera becomes entirely virtual- unlike virtual production which requires a physical moving camera.

Depthkit has been used in feature films like A-X-L and the Zero Days documentary for creating glitchy, cyberpunk visual effects. Volumetric video has also been used to create realistic stadium scale virtual crowds like in I Want To Dance With Somebody, captured at Dimension Studio.

Today Motion Capture and Virtual Production have a lot of benefits with their quality and flexibility. As volumetric video technology advances, we'll continue to see it used more and more in TV and Film production.

James George, Scatter Co-Founder and CEO - "You don't need to put on a suit. You don't need to come in early to get scanned. As soon as you step into this volume you get turned into a 3D hologram."

Still from Zero Days documentary featuring Depthkit

Volumetric video for Interactive Entertainment

During the demo, Marques immediately saw the potential for volumetric video beyond visual effects for movies. With over 17 million subscribers, the MKBHD is one of the most prominent YouTube creators in tech. He's constantly looking for ways to make his videos more realistic. Volumetric video jumped out to Marques as enabling a future of video where users can interact with the content directly, choosing their own perspective for an immersive sense of the story.

Marques Brownlee - "People have asked, 'Marques, what's the future of video?'. I always try to make videos as realistic as possible with a first person, wide angle view. The natural future of that is putting the device in your hands. There is a flat version of that which is 360 video. [Volumetric video] is like an added dimension of that interactivity."

We loved hearing Marques' reaction, because Scatter has focused Depthkit on this exciting future of new interactive 3D content with our original virtual reality productions. We agree that allowing the viewer to move through the video experience, finding their own perspective, unlocks a new level of immersion. It's the future media experience.

Watch the Huge If True episode on YouTube.

Watch the full episode here, and don't miss the Depthkit volumetric video segment at 13:51:

Shot at ZeroSpace, the leading Eastcoast Virtual Production studio.

When Cleo first reached out interested in making this very special episode of Huge If True focused on demystifying the future of movies, we knew that ZeroSpace was the perfect one-stop-shop for demonstrations of all the relevant technology used in the latest movies.

The XR Stage at Zero Space

ZeroSpace not only features the only Depthkit Studio stage operated by ourselves at Scatter, but the space hosts the latest in virtual production, ICVFX, and motion capture.

That's all for today. Beam us up!

We are so grateful to Cleo and Marques for sharing the future of movies with your audiences, and introducing millions to the exciting world of virtual production and volumetric video!

Full video credits: Creative Director: Kevin Peter He- Head of Research: Evan Clark- Technical Director: Eric Chang- Producer: Elena Piech- Mocap Operator: Sammy Sords- Mocap Asst./ PA: Kimani Reid- Disguise Asst. / PA: Omar Jones- 3D Modeler: Maya Lila- CEO: Jon Kreutzer- CTO: James Tunick. From 4Wall Entertainment (a joint partnership on the XR/ICVFX Stage):- VP of Special Projects: Ben Danielowski- VP of Special Projects: Mathew Leland- L1: Zach Sager. From Scatter, creators of Depthkit: CEO & Co-Founder: James George, Lead Technical Producer: Cory Allen From Cause + Christi Immersive XR Design:- Co-Founder: Austin Caine- Co-Founder: Christi FenisonFrom Scheimpflug:- Photogrammetry Lead: Joachim Pfefferkorn

Bonus: Check out our partners Cause + Christi: Immersive XR Design's case study. They built the amazing holodeck and 3D world effects in the demo.

If you're inspired to join the many creators already charting a course through the future of moviemaking with volumetric video, reach out to to set up a demo. And if you are in New York, we'd love to host you at Zero Space so you can see the demonstration from Huge if True in person!

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