Feature Release: Geometry Sequence Exporting

Breathe new life into your visual effects workflow with Depthkit.

June 14, 2019

Stay ahead of the curve by using volumetric assets in your next visual effects project. Depthkit now works with all your favorite VFX tools like Houdini, After Effects, Cinema4D, Maya, and more!

Feature announcement: We've added the ability to export OBJ sequences from Depthkit!

Depthkit Pro users can now move beyond combined-per-pixel exports. Bring volumetric assets into high-end visual effects tools, with the ability to export geometry direct from Depthkit.

We'll be releasing more tutorials and information about this feature in the coming months, but for now you can head to your downloads page and find a link to download a sample OBJ sequence. Pro users can also now find this feature in their version of Depthkit today.

To find out more check out our new home for Depthkit and Visual Effects here.

Additionally, we're launching our first community challenge! Check out the forum thread here for more information. We want to see what you make with this new feature! Submit cool videos using OBJs to us, and we will show featured projects from the submissions on our website!

Breathe new life into your visual effects workflow. Using volumetric assets sets your work apart, as an alternative to 3D modeled content and motion capture. Depthkit makes volumetric capture accessible and efficient, and now works seamlessly with your favorite VFX tools.

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