Introducing the MetaBox: Immersive Hybrid Collaboration powered by Volumetric Video

Connect your meeting room to the metaverse with this new collaboration between Igloo Vision and Scatter.

February 8, 2023

A brand new joint product integration between Scatter and Igloo, the MetaBox is an immersive meeting room that facilitates hybrid work in the Metaverse.

Contact to request a demo and quote to equip your team with a MetaBox.

Host meetings in impossible locations

The MetaBox combines Depthkit Studio's livestreaming with Igloo's immersive workspaces.

Anyone who enters the immersive workspace is immediately projected into 3D for two-way communication between remote colleagues in VR and those in the meeting room.

Check out the demonstration video below to see the MetaBox in action.

Depthkit Studio Livestreaming for Hybrid Collaboration

Depthkit Studio's Livestreaming powers the broadcast of in-person participants to remote colleagues as virtual holograms in real time, with low latency. Remote participants appear as avatars in 3D where they can see, hear and gesture live with the colleagues in the meeting room. Teams can view 3D models, interact with documents and move the meeting room location through the virtual 3D space.

Igloo Vision Founder and R&D Director Colin Yellowly says:
"Igloo is dedicated to enabling teamwork in immersive environments. The MetaBox is a leap forward in facilitating hybrid work between in-person and remote colleagues. The high quality, low latency holographic telepresence provided by Scatter's Depthkit Studio is a perfect compliment to supercharge hybrid teams using our new Igloo Core Engine platform."

The MetaBox works via Depthkit Studio camera array is installed in the Igloo immersive meeting room. The live holographic feed is then broadcast to remote users via Depthkit's Livestreaming feature. Igloo's Core Engine platform receives the feed, rendering the virtual holograms of in-person participants, combined with the virtual 3D world, to all remote users in realtime.

The MetaBox system is available today. To request a demo or installation quote, email

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