Product Release: Depthkit Studio Postproduction is 10x faster

Create high-quality captures 10x faster without greenscreen and new instant post-processing.

July 11, 2023

Depthkit Studio is the world’s most widely used solution for creating high quality volumetric video captures and livestreams. Today’s updates further cement Depthkit as the easiest to use professional grade volumetric video software. Newly released Depthkit 0.7.0 introduces major enhancements to the Editor for Depthkit Studio that speeds up high quality asset turnaround by ten times! The new post production workflow achieves high quality output without the need to set up a green screen for capture or manually create mattes.

Depthkit Studio's new features are available now to all Depthkit Studio subscribers at no additional cost. If you’re not a subscriber yet and would like to see the new features in action, email to schedule a live demo with our team.

No more greenscreens means fast setup and instant post processing.

The new Depthkit Studio allows high quality captures without green screens, which cuts the capture stage setup time down while increasing flexibility and portability. This opens up possibilities to bring Depthkit Studio on location that weren't possible before when cumbersome green screen was required. Without a green wrap, it's easier for directors to communicate with your performance talent for a fluid production.

Quickly segmenting a capture in the Depthkit Studio Editor captured in a raw space without greenscreen

Battle-tested with early adopters.

Depthkit 0.7.0 is the most significant product update since we introduced Depthkit Studio back in 2020. To ensure we had support and feedback from our community, Scatter sent a pre-release of the new Depthkit Studio to select users. Across the board, users were thrilled with the new upgrades. Don't take our word for it- we've added their quotes throughout the blog post.

Capture of singer songwriter Willow at Hollywood Gaming
Malcolm Barnes, Director at Hollywood Gaming Ltd — "Removing the greenscreen just opens out the volume and makes it look and feel far more impressive. The quality was really good, and easy to demonstrate. The difference in the perception of those receiving the experience was noticeable."

Depthkit Studio at Electric South in Cape Town, South Africa.
Left: Telmo dos Reis (VR Capture) and Right: Rick Treweek (Eden) setting up for the African XR Realities Lab Sponsored by Meta.

Turn around assets from capture to deployment in just minutes.

Eartheater Augmented Reality experience in the Crack XR app.

The combination of improvements such as removal of green screen, instant post processing, and host of other workflow speed ups open up the option for lightning fast asset turnaround time between capture and deployment. You can export final assets in just a few minutes after capturing. This isn't just theoretical. It's already been practically demonstrated during our testing.

Scatter worked with Good Measure and Crack Magazine on a cross-Atlantic production featuring the musician Eartheater for their Crack XR application. Using the prototype of the new workflow, Scatter captured Eartheater on a Friday and delivered the assets to the Good Measure team minutes after the talent left the studio. By Monday, the new performance was in the app ready for deployment!

Alongside the new instant post-processing, Depthkit's advantages of local processing, fast video-based export format, and lightweight files all lined up to enable this rapid production.

Oliver Ellmers CTO & Co-Founder of Good Measure Studio— "The new version of the software is a huge improvement to workflow with Depthkit. We are really happy with the amount of time it saves with processing and deployment.

Publish Depthkit captures to WebXR and Unreal Engine with streamlined HoloEdit integration.

Support for the Web and Unreal Engine are among the most requested features for Depthkit Studio. Long term, we plan to roll out support for these platforms, similar to how we support Unity. In the meantime, we've partnered with the fantastic folks at Arcturus to support these platforms via compressing Depthkit Studio captures in HoloEdit and deploying through HoloStream. The latest update bring a significant speed up and quality improvements to the workflow.

Export HoloEdit compatible textured geometry streams directly from Depthkit Studio. This saves hours labor and thousands of gigabytes of disk space from the previous Unity-based intermediate workflow.

Cherelle Connor, ARIES program at Virginia Tech’s University Libraries — "The new refinement options have enabled us to produce much cleaner volumes. The new export option has also made moving clips to HoloSuite way more streamlined as well. Just those two have already benefited our workflow tremendously!"

DJ_Dave's latest music video Array used Depthkit Studio's HoloEdit pipeline for Unreal Engine. Created in collaboration with Andy Rolfes.

Under the hood: Depthkit's fusion algorithm, reimagined.

Instantly generate high quality geometry.

Volumetric video fusion is at the heart of Depthkit Studio. Fusion is the process of combining multiple calibrated depth data streams from different angles together into a unified volumetric video stream of a full-body performance in 3D. The new release includes a completely new algorithm for Fusion, and it's now available right in the Depthkit Studio Editor. The new fusion system boasts higher quality surfaces with the same data as input. This is due to more intelligent hole filling, especially in areas of high occlusion.

Brand new fusion shows how each individual camera contributes to a unified capture.

Advanced texturing removes glitches.

The new fusion system also brings benefits to the texturing stage. It now removes texture spill artifacts to blend the multiple cameras together seamlessly.

Instantly clean up texture artifacts with just a few intuitive settings.

More updates than we can list here!

Depthkit 0.7.0 also includes higher quality rendering in Unity, media management features in Depthkit, new exporting presets for Meta Quest, HEVC H.265 video encoding, and more.

The full list of upgrades are too numerous to list in the blog post. Head over to our release notes and new Editor documentation for a complete technical breakdown of all the enhancements.

If you've been waiting to get started with volumetric video, there's never been a better time. Today's release is a great reason to dive in. Schedule a demo, trial period or work with us directly at Zero Space in Brooklyn, New York. Reach out to and get started today.

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