The Apple Vision Pro is the perfect fit for Depthkit's volumetric video

The world's leading technology company just set course on a shared vision with Scatter and Depthkit for the use of volumetric video in spatial computing.

June 6, 2023

Apple just announced Vision Pro spatial computing platform. There are three major points where Apple's product vision is perfectly aligned to Scatter's vision for immersive experiences and communication applications. This is why we believe Depthkit volumetric video holograms will be foundational tool for building with Apple Vision Pro.

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James George, Scatter CEO & Co-Founder -- "I've been creating interactive experiences using volumetric capture for spatial displays since 2010, winning an Emmy in 2018 for Scatter's Zero Days VR. That was the first interactive documentary told in a game engine VR experience to be recognized with an Emmy.

The Apple Vision Pro is the best thing to happen to the XR and volumetric video industry in a long time. I couldn't be more excited about how well Depthkit is positioned and aligned to the future Apple is accelerating."

Here are three points from the Apple Vision Keynote that show how Scatter's vision for interactive media and volumetric capture is aligned to Apple's vision:

1. Experience interactive storytelling in amazing new ways

Apple shares a vision that movies will become more interactive and games will become more cinematic. Volumetric video created with Depthkit allows stories to feature compelling, authentic human characters in full 3D.

2. Vision Pro is Apple's first 3D camera

The device can capture immersive 3D photos and videos that can be relieved liked dreamlike memories. Depthkit can work with any Lidar camera, and can easily work with Apple Vision. You can use Depthkit to capture volumetric video for Apple Vision (and every other device) today!

3. Your persona has volume and depth not possible in traditional video.

Nothing expresses us better than our authentic visual presence. Realistic live volumetric representations will be essential for bringing remote communication and collaboration beyond exhausting video calls. Building holographic realtime communication apps is possible today with Depthkit's livestreaming.

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