Volumetric tools forged in the fires of production

See how Depthkit Studio volumetric video capture and Depthkit's Expansion Package for Unity have grown in service of award-winning XR productions.

June 29, 2021

Depthkit was created to tell daring stories in powerful ways that did not exist before. At Scatter, we continue to produce creative projects, and let the artistry of those stories drive our product development for Depthkit software.
Our latest production, co-produced with Rada Studio, is The Changing Same: An American Pilgrimage (Episode 1). In making this project, we advanced Depthkit's feature set, and built out improved production workflows. These are now available to creators worldwide to tell their own stories.

Depthkit XR projects win at Tribeca Festival

Scatter’s original production The Changing Same: An American Pilgrimage (Episode 1), which premiered at Sundance this year,  won ‘Best Immersive Narrative’ at Tribeca Festival last week. Meanwhile, the Depthkit-powered Kusunda was also awarded the Grand Jury award at Tribeca’s Storyscapes, as well as the Best Immersive Cinema and the Grand Prize at the VRNow Awards in Berlin

We’re honored and excited that volumetric filmmaking is recognized as the leading way to tell impactful immersive stories.

Go behind the scenes in this video to see how a volumetric film is made.

Tools Forged in the Fires of Production

Scatter’s vision is that art leads innovation. Through the production of The Changing Same, we designed new and essential workflows that pushed the boundaries of Depthkit Studio.

Read on for the Depthkit Studio product upgrades and production insights we have in store for you fresh from our learnings from The Changing Same.

New Volumetric Filmmaking Guides

High-Quality Encoding Guide

We have deepened our understanding of how to encode Depthkit captures for realtime playback. Here’s how you can squeeze the maximum quality while maintaining reasonable bitrates with FFmpeg.

Enhanced Asset Encoding Guide

Left - Default color settings applied. Tinted color, and artifacts in geometry.
Right - BT.709 color settings applied. Correct color and geometry.

Asset Management Guide

Art is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration. All creators have experienced the strike of inspiration for a new volumetric film; we have also all experienced the execution challenges of bringing that ambitious vision to life.

The Scatter team has learned staying organized is key to a successful production. Read our new guide to learn how to equip your project managers and technical producers with the tools they need to effectively manage the post-production process for a volumetric film with many moving parts.

Get sweaty with our all-new Asset Management Best Practices Guide

3D-360 Video Rendering Guide

Volumetric films told in 6 degrees of freedom are the pinnacle of immersion. However, the distribution limitations of Tethered PC VR, along with the current performance constraints of interactive Mobile XR devices like Quest, can limit the audience size. Most volumetric film’s distribution strategies involve creating a 3D-360 Pre-rendered version to reach wider audiences on channels like Oculus TV and YouTube 360.

For The Changing Same, we worked through all the messy details of how to render, encode and deliver a high quality 3D-360 video version of your experience out of Unity to Oculus Media Tools.

Follow along to bring your volumetric film to the biggest audience possible:

All-new 3D-360 Video Rendering Guide

A frame from the 360 video version of "The Changing Same: An American Pilgrimage (Ep. 1)"

Unity Phase 6 Enhancements

The Depthkit Studio Unity Plugin made significant advancements in quality, performance and stability in the Tribeca The Changing Same push:

  • AVPro 2 support, including Timeline integration and frame-accurate rendering
  • Depthkit captures work with light probes and improved shadow performance
  • Scenes with multiple Depthkit Studio captures can share a material

You too can use volumetric capture to tell your stories.
Explore our latest volumetric software solution, Depthkit Studio.

Need Azure Kinects? We can help! If your use of Depthkit is hindered at all by lack of access to Azure Kinects, get in touch with us at support@depthkit.tv

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