Video camera and depth sensor calibration in Depthkit Cinema

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to capture with Depthkit Cinema, a workflow that allows you to supplement the lush cinematic quality of your video camera with a depth sensor to create vivid, high resolution 2.5D volumetric captures up to 8K.

This video tutorial will walk you through the following:

  • Recommended Equipment for Camera Pairing (see 00:17)
  • Creating a Lens Correction Profile (see 4:13)
  • Camera Pairing in Depthkit Cinema (see 7:59)
  • Capture & Processing Cinema Captures (see 12:41)

Tutorial Resources 

Download the tutorial asset as a combined-per pixel video to explore in Unity (23 MB folder) or as an OBJ sequence for your tool of choice (1.68 GB folder). The OBJ sequence mesh has been decimated to reduce download file size. 

Download the Depthkit Calibration Chart. For additional documentation and troubleshooting, visit our Depthkit Cinema guide

Interested in capturing with Depthkit Cinema? Contact us at for exclusive pre-release access today.

Thanks for watching this tutorial! To learn more about other Depthkit workflows, check out more tutorials here.

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