Depthkit for XR

Get immersed in depth and color

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Made with Depthkit. Gone a long way.

The power of Depthkit is already helping many filmmakers and visual artists to reach the most prestigious audiences in the world. They’re grabbing some awards along the way, too.

Merge your digital and physical worlds with Depthkit for XR.

With Depthkit, you can create vivid experiences for VR, AR, and any immersive media using familiar film and video production workflows. By combining depth with full motion video, Depthkit unlocks the power to bring the real-world into interactive 3D environments.

Depthkit captures the world in depth and color.
Step inside and look around. Volumetric capture is accessible, and ready for your imagination.

Microsoft’s Azure Kinect.
Our production-ready sensor of choice.

Microsoft’s new Azure Kinect is a giant leap forward for depth sensors. Your volumetric captures can now leverage higher quality in both depth and color, increased resolution, and precise manual camera controls – all made possible by this game changing sensor.

The Azure Kinect is our top recommendation for Depthkit productions.

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See Depthkit in action

Photorealism to Effects

Depthkit’s high quality rendering produces photorealistic captures, but that’s just the start.

Build custom effects that bring your story to life.

Get an inside look at some of our favorite XR projects that use Depthkit to create unforgettable immersive experiences.

Imogen Heap

Experience your own personal Imogen Heap performance, or share the concert with friends, in The Wave VR, filmed with Depthkit.

A Brownsville Story

A group of Brownsville teens use Depthkit to create a VR game with the residents of their community.

Terminal 3

An augmented reality experience for Hololens that explores contemporary Muslim identities in the U.S. by staging an airport interrogation. Visas required for all holograms. Filmed with Depthkit.

The latest XR headset only matters with great content inside it.

Cut the hype.
Capture your reality.

Whether you’re working in AR, VR, MR, 3D on the web or a whole new reality we’ve only dreamed of, Depthkit for XR brings the cutting edge capabilities of volumetric capture to your next immersive project. Depthkit works with our robust, up-to-date Unity SDK to give you the power to bring real people into your interactive 3D projects.

Depthkit is tested to work with the latest platforms and hardware.


Cinema Capture workflow.

Our Cinema Capture workflow brings filmmaking into the next dimension. Nothing beats the cinematic quality of the professional video cameras and lossless codecs you already trust. Pair the Azure Kinect with any video camera to achieve up to 8K resolution and pull perfect, crisp keys for our refinement workflow. Depth data this good has never existed.

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Read how Depthkit works with X


Read how Depthkit works with X

Read here how Territory uses Depthkit to
push the boundaries of Visual Effects


Introducing Depthkit Cinema

Supplement the lush cinematic quality of your video camera with accessible depth sensing to create vivid, high resolution volumetric captures up to 8K. Depthkit Cinema offers filmmakers and photographers the highest quality single-perspective volumetric footage of real people, with the video production skills you already have.

Get immersed in the world of Depthkit for XR.

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