Ten Outstanding Depthkit Studio Projects

Today we're highlighting ten outstanding projects from the intrepid group of Depthkit Studio's first movers.

July 12, 2022

Scatter's flagship product Depthkit Studio launched just over a year ago. Time flies! Before Depthkit Studio, there was no accessible way for companies to set up in-house professional 360º volumetric video capture capabilities. Today we're highlighting ten outstanding projects from the intrepid group of Depthkit Studio's first movers.

‍Scatter selected these projects to highlight the diverse range of use cases for Depthkit Studio. They range from award-winning immersive storytelling to C-Suite corporate communications. They also illustrate the variety of exciting interactive publishing platforms available, from mobile handheld augmented reality on the web, to livestreamed appearances, and fully immersive roomscale virtual reality.

Footlocker x Adidas Cypher From the Future

Good Measure Studio, Mobile Augmented Reality

Foot Locker and adidas released an augmented reality powered rap cypher to celebrate the launch of the new adidas NMD v3, the latest model within the iconic sneaker franchise.

The Cypher from the Future, part of the Foot Locker and adidas “Ever Changing Visions” campaign, includes three rappers who are taking the European scene by storm. Viewers can tune in from their phones to watch the performance from Midlands rap prodigy Sainté (Leicester, UK), AWA Gang’s newest recruit Nahir (Paris, France) and Central Cee collaborator Sacky (Milan, Italy).

Viewers project the cypher into their own surroundings, with each of the trailblazing rappers’ digital avatars donning the new adidas NMD sneakers.

Watch Cypher from the Future on your phone from the website.

End of Night

Makropol, Cinematic Virtual Reality

End of Night is an award-winning Cinematic VR experience about the tormenting memories of one man's escape from Denmark to Sweden during WWII. It is an artistic mix of advanced technologies such as photogrammetry and volumetric video captured with Depthkit Studio, blended together into a collage-like 3D universe. Although realistic in its depiction of war-torn Copenhagen, and based on real accounts, the fictional experience unfolds like dimly recalled fragments of a painful memory. The audience is placed in the passenger seat of a rowboat with six degrees of freedom, sitting face to face with the protagonist Josef.

Watch End of Night: via Tribeca 2022 Downloadable Content on Museum of Other Realities.

Coming Soon on Steam.

San Francisco Mayor London Breed Livestream

Accenture, Livestream Broadcast

San Francisco Mayor London Breed visited the Accenture Innovation Hub in April. The team had newly established their volumetric video studio, and used Depthkit Studio to livestream Mayor Breed into the Accenture Metaverse.

Mayor Breed inside the capture stage livestreaming into Accenture's 3D metaverse

Join the conversation with Accenture's Lead Video Producer, XR/Volumetric Lars Schwetje post on LinkedIn.

Margaret Atwood in Fiery Sparks of Light

Caitlin Fisher, CFC Creates, University of York, Mobile Augmented Reality

An immersive and sensory celebration of poetry and the critical role women have played in creating Canada’s international literary reputation, Fiery Sparks of Light reimagines a collection of poems by four renowned Canadian women poets as an augmented reality experience. Using Depthkit Studio’s volumetric cinema technology as the foundation, an accompanying printed book contains QR codes that trigger holograms on a mobile device of the poets reading their original poems, while audiovisual effects augment the viewer’s experience.

Watch Fiery Sparks of Light by downloading the mobile app and scanning the QR Codes in the book (PDF).


Dansker Digital, Mobile Augmented Reality

Kvöldvaka is a Mobile AR journey to discover a deeper relationship with nature through the lens of Icelandic folklore. The project asks how can ancient stories and folklore inform us in an era of climate crisis?

Kvöldvökur, or Night Wakings, hails back to early days of human inhabitation in Iceland. Storytellers travelled from home to home spinning tales for Icelandic families as they rested from a long day of work in the inhospitable terrain. The Night Wakings were how traditions and understanding of the natural world were passed on.

Watch Kvöldvaka by requesting a the application link from the website.

William Shatner's Immortal AI Hologram

StoryFile, Interactive Conversational Video

StoryFile's brand ambassador William Shatner is the first person to create an AI-powered interactive conversational video with StoryFile Life technology and Depthkit Studio. Now family and friends can interact with him for years to come.

“This is for all my children and all my children’s children and all my children’s loved ones and all the loved ones of the loved ones,” says William Shatner. “That’s my gift to you down through time.”

William Shatner conversational AI being captured by StoryFile using Depthkit Studio

Learn more about StoryFile Life on their website.


Curiosity Inc, Mobile Augmented Reality

Rememory is a next generation content platform that enables users to shoot, edit, and view 3D video. The team at Curiosity Inc has Depthkit Studio set up for creators who want full-body 3D captures for Rememory. The app comes loaded with amazing volumetric musical performances!

Some examples of Rememory's captures in Augmented Reality:

Download Rememory app here to see for yourself!

Crack XR Concerts

Good Measure Studio, Mobile Augmented Reality

Bristol-based underground music publication Crack Magazine teamed up with the newly formed Good Measure Studio to produce an augmented reality interactive concert platform Crack XR. The first performances feature Flohio, A.G. Cook and Brian Nasty, The musicians are captured with Depthkit Studio and placed onto fantastic 3D stages.

Download the Crack XR App

Read more about it from Crack's press release here.

The Changing Same: Episode 1

Scatter, Cinematic Virtual Reality

‍Premiering at the 2021 Sundance Film Festival in the New Frontiers section, The Changing Same is an immersive, room-scale virtual reality experience where the participant travels through time and space to witness the connected historical experiences of racial injustice in the United States. A haunting story infused with magical realism and afrofuturism, The Changing Same examines the uninterrupted cycle of the history of racial oppression, past and present.

This project was created by ourselves at Scatter and fueled the development of the Depthkit technology. The Changing Same experience is the first to use Depthkit Studio's full-body capture and the Unity Expansion Package.

Watch The Changing Same on Oculus TV

Tales in the Holoverse

Scatter, Museum of the Moving Image Queens NY - Interactive Installation

Bookending the selection is a recent project that is still in production! Scatter has teamed up with the Museum of the Moving Image to create Tales in the Holoverse. By day it’s an interactive holographic mirror powered by Depthkit. After hours we are capturing heartfelt stories from all kinds of contributors about experiences during the pandemic.

Watch the exhibition video below to see how the Museum of the Moving Image and Scatter see Volumetric Video as the next cinematic revolution.

See Tales in the Holoverse at the Museum of the Moving Image through September, 2022.

Live in the NYC area? Apply to contribute your story!

Are you inspired by these projects and interested in adding Depthkit Studio to your toolbox? Head over to the Depthkit Studio product page to learn more and schedule a call via sales@depthkit.tv.

We look forward to seeing your project in the next wave of Depthkit Studio creations!

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