Depthkit for Visual Effects

Seamlessly integrate volumetric capture into your visual effects pipeline.

Depthkit for Visual Effects

Seamlessly integrate volumetric capture into your visual effects pipeline.

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Depthkit is used by industry leaders

Set your work apart with Depthkit.

Bring the groundbreaking power of volumetric capture into your favorite visual effects pipeline. Depthkit's accessible and efficient workflow empowers creators to capture live action 3D content in vibrant color and palpable dimensionality. Now you can render worlds from the photoreal to the fantastic.

Project highlights

An inside look at stand-out creators using Depthkit as a vital part of their production pipeline.

Motion and VFX Specialist
Territory Studio

Motion graphic and VFX specialist, Territory Studio, along with Volumetric Capture Supervisor Andrew Gant, use Depthkit to create the vision system of a robotic dog, in the feature film A-X-L.

Designer & Art Director
Michael Rigley

Designer and Art Director Michael Rigley uses Depthkit in his look development workflow to bring audiences into the world of cyber warfare, in the Emmy-Award Winning Zero Days VR.

XR Studio
GotFat Productions

XR studio GotFat Productions uses Depthkit for visual effects in their 2D music video, and 3D AR experience, adding another dimension to Go Go Berlin’s music video, “Here Comes the Darkness”.

Depthkit keeps you ahead of the curve. Now combine live action 3D content with generative, simulated, and modeled assets.

Export using geometry formats you rely on, for seamless integration into your trusted visual effects workflow. Depthkit makes groundbreaking volumetric capture accessible and efficient, with infinite artistic possibilities.

Easily export geometry sequences from Depthkit
that integrate into your favorite tools

Depthkit brings the cutting edge capabilities of volumetric capture to your trusted workflows by exporting to the most common geometry formats. Houdini, Cinema 4D, After Effects, and Maya: all now Depthkit compatible.

Want to know more? Take a look at some of our tutorials to figure out Depthkit works in your favorite tools.


Read how Depthkit works with X


Read how Depthkit works with X

Read here how Territory uses Depthkit to
push the boundaries of Visual Effects

Breathe new life
into your visual effects workflow.